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Protect your medication and save money with the new Smart Technology in Portable Refrigerators!

INSU provides peace of mind in times of travel, daily storage, natural disasters & power outages by automatically controlling the temperature of your cold needs to avoid it's spoilage or degradation.


What else? 

  • Eliminate the risk of freezing or overheating
  • Portable & TSA Friendly
  • Up to 24 hours of continous battery performance when disconnected*
  • Safely keep vials, pens or bags
  • Enough space to store various weeks worth of supply
  • Compatible with Solar Panels


INSU can live on your counter supporting months of medication plugged into the wall. But it’s ready to unplug and go if the need arises since the battery can keep the medication cold for days before being recharged through your car, your wall, or even a small solar panel.*Depending on ambient temperature


Avoid not being prepared, health is more than an investment

Medicine takes care of you, we take care of your medicine! 

Insu Portable

Expected to be shipped by February
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