Insu Health Design is an innovation and social-driven venture committed to improving public health in underserved communities through novel technology and design. 

Our current mission is to protect biomedicine users by providing them the means to protect their medication, no matter the situation.

Meet The Team

Mason Lucich


Mason grew up abroad in Jakarta, Indonesia and graduated highschool in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He went on to get his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University, and his graduate degree in Industrial Design from the University of Houston. He has a passion for helping others, as well as building furniture and woodworking. Mason is beyond excited to have played a part in the building of Insu Health Design and he cannot wait to build a company in Puerto Rico with his team to help foster innovation, design, and development on the island.

Gilmary Betancourt      Administrative Coordinator

Gilmary Betancourt is the Administrative Coordinator and Co-Founder of Insu Health Design. she is currently studying the Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus. "As a future health professional, being a part of Insu Health Design has enforced my perspective on the importance of being involved in innovations that have the purpose to ensure a better quality of life towards a patient."

Diego Batista


Second-Year Mechanical Engineering Student at UPR Mayagüez Campus. Diego joined Insu Health Design because he wanted to be part of the change they are trying to bring to the lives of millions of bio-medicine users with innovative design and ideas.

Doris Candelaria   


Driven by the experiences she, her loved ones, and community encountered after Hurricane María,  Doris leads commercialization efforts for Insu Portable. She believes social-driven entrepreneurship is key for generating solutions to global problems. Doris did a double major in Public Relations and Advertising, and Journalism, plus a certification in entrepreneurship studies at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus.

Juan F. Hernández


Juan was born in Dominican Republic and grew up in Puerto Rico. A computer science student at the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras campus. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a young age. "My goal with Insu is to create an impact in the diabetic community and help others that have my condition." He is very happy to work in a company where he can start to accomplish his goal.

Our Advisors


Dr. Manuel Lobato

Business mentor

Business development and management background. UPR Innovation Center.


Don Siegel

Business mentor

Finance and business development background. 


Dr. Jeff Feng

Technology design and business mentor

Design practice and entrepreneurship background.

University of Houston

Dr. Stephen Ponder

Pediatric Endocrinologist

Industry Expert and Mentor.

Baylor, Scott, & White